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My Favorite Image: Before & After

So I recently captured my favorite food photography image to date. I was ecstatic when I saw the final image. I wanted to show you a before & after so you can see how my vision came to life.

I was walking by the bakery section in my favorite grocery store and became inspired by these super cute brownie cupcakes (so the secret is out that I didn't make them):

I knew I just had to create some kind of Christmas set up with them and a vision started coming to life in my head. The bakery employee thought I was crazy when I asked to scrutinize them and hand select the ones I wanted. She thought I was even crazier when I told her why!

So I started playing around with different backgrounds, linens, plates, and props to enhance the subjects. I actually added the white star sprinkle to the top of the trees as well as the bigger ornament sprinkles. This allowed me to then use some of the sprinkles I owned spilling out of a spoon in the final image.

Next, I started off with a plain background to really focus in on the cupcakes, but ultimately decided on a busier set up that told a better story of Christmas traditions.

When I put it in front of the Christmas tree, my imagination really started to take off:

I think I nailed it! So here is the final image that I am so in love with:

Here are some more images from different perspectives too. Look at the beautiful bokeh (blurry lights) I captured with these!

Food photography can be quite a process of trial and error until the image sings to you. It's also all about the details. Lack of details makes the subject stand out. Added details tell a bigger story and create more feeling for the viewer. Also, light, color, and props can change the story dramatically.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my image come to life.

-Sarah Graham

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