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Why The Ornate Plate?

Hey everyone! Looks like you found your way to The Ornate Plate! Let me start off by saying I'm grateful for your viewership and I hope I can create a connection with you through my food photography.

Why The Ornate Plate, you might ask?

Well, look around you - everywhere you look: the bookstore, the magazine aisle, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, restaurant menus, big names like Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Kraft - all have FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. How many of you scroll through your social media and see posts about recipes that direct you to websites or blogs? I do! I do!

So how do you suppose those amazing food images got there and how do you suppose they know how to make the food look so enticing that you can't resist but to click on it? Some of you may call this 'food porn' and some of you may call this an addiction, LOL.

Someone photographs all those images and sells them to websites, bloggers, and restaurants. It can be commissioned or freelance work, new content or updating old content, or you can work for a company. You must have a good sense of composition, color theory, and photography skills in order to create an image that captivates the audience.

Let me show you what I mean.


While this may seem like a good picture of this slice of cake as-is, it lacks color, interest, having your eye move around the picture, etc. It's rather plain Jane if you ask me. And it certainly won't get very many clicks.


In contrast, this image makes you want to reach right in it with a fork and scoop off the corner of that delicious looking cake! There's so much more color, detail, and added interest that create quite an impact to the viewer. This is the kind of image that gets more clicks, more sales. Yummmmmmy!

I was immediately enamored with this creative outlet of styling food for photography. I love everything about it: the styling, adding props and accessories, angles, technical lighting and shadowing, close up detail, editing. Essentially making the mundane ---> ORNATE.

Hence, The Ornate Plate was born : )

Here are some more images to scroll through from my shoot of this particular cake. Notice all the different angles and ranges of each image, and how it affects the look of the cake and the props. Pay attention to the emotions each image evokes.

I hope you enjoy this website, blog, and all my social media posts. You can follow me at:

Instagram: theornateplate

Facebook: The Ornate Plate

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